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P D Post’s location

Corporate Communications Videos

Television Commercials & Infomercials

Television Programs and more

in Chicagoland!


* Final Cut Studio 3 with Bella keyboard
* Avid Media Composer with Bella keyboard
* Adobe Production Premium CS with Bella keyboard
* Final Cut Pro X and Motion with Bella keyboard
* SonicFire Pro
* Thousands of dollars in plug-ins, music, graphics and more

* Six-core 3.33ghz Mac Pro with 48GB (maxed) RAM
   - 30" & 24" Apple Cinema Displays
   - AJA LHi with HDMI to 21" Sony Production Monitor
     and component I/O to Sony Beta-SP deck
   - ATTO Mini-SAS card
   - ESata card
* 8TB G-Tech Es Pro with fast Mini-SAS connection
* Sony Beta-SP deck (UVW-1800)
   - Hamlet Microscope (Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope)
   - Horita Safe Area Generator
* Sony DVCam deck (DSR-40)
* Panasonic P2 HD/SD Camera (HPX-170)

* Sony Mini-DV Camera (VX-2000XT)
* Sony 21” HDMI Production Monitor (LMD-2110W)
* Sony 13" Production Monitor (PVM1354Q)
* Phillips DVD Recorder (DVR-75)
* Behringer Audio mixer (1204)
* Genelic production speakers (8020A)
* Snowball Blue USB Microphone


Large client
desk space with
HD production monitor


30” and 24”
Apple Cinema Displays

Entire suite has cable modem wired and wireless access