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The following are quotes from
corporate communications,
broadcast and agency clients,

colleagues and past employers.

"P D Post Productions and Pat DeFilippo... willing and able to take the difficult and make it simple.
His creativity and timeliness is unmatched.
He takes the time to understand the needs of the client.
In addition to being a great guy, he is a professional that
I can wholeheartedly recommend.”

  Bonnie O'Brien
                                                                        Clearbrook a highly professional and creative editor.
He works well on a collaborative basis and is a lot of fun to work with.
There's a reason why he's won so many awards.”

  Frank Haney
                                                                         Frank Haney Films easy to work with and has a vast knowledge of
professional video production software tools.
Pat is a very talented and skillful video editor who
consistently produces and delivers inspiring results,
so it's no surprise that our clients really love his work...”

  Armen  Kotscharjan
                                                                         Career Education Corporation an excellent video editor.
His over 25 years of experience
- along with his broadcast background -
result in consistently creative productions with solutions for
technically challenging ideas that the producer/director dreams up.”

  Bob O'Brien
                                                                         Video Design Productions

...The editing you did on the Globocabo piece leads my demo reel!
If that's not a testament to your quality, your skills and your integrity, then I don't know what is... That's how much I like that piece and how much I
praise the work you do."

  Roy Cohen
                                                                         Cohen Communications

...Not only is Pat a really good editor - he also always
goes the extra mile for you, he's always easy to work with."

  Rich Wolter
                                                                         Word of Mouth Communications

...You did a superb job!!  Everyone is pleased with the final product.
  I appreciate your patience and your expertise."

  Carol Lovett

...No question, the Metra video was the smoothest production
I've experienced in a long time."

  Brent Brotine
                                                                         Haddon Advertising

...The final video was flawless and the
quality was readily recognized and appreciated."

Pat O'Neill
                                                                        Campbell-Mithun Esty

...The editing...was technically superb as usual,
but especially exceptional given the time constraints
 under which he had to work."

  Ed Stecki
                                                                   Communications for Management

...I have enjoyed working with all of your employees, especially Pat."

Charlotte A. Frazier
                                                                                             Cummins Allison Corporation

...Our Maytag account can be a killer at times!  Late approvals,
last minute changes, and even later changes...Pat handled some pretty testy
situations in a manner befitting acknowledgement recently."

Clifford A. Kroeter
                                                                                               MGS Services

...He knows what he is doing and offered several suggestions that
helped make the spots look much more professional...
I certainly appreciate Pat's willingness to take the time to do the job right."

  Darrel Wells
                                                                                             Gene Osborn Toyota a very organized and visionary editor!
He brings great ideas and a "feel" to projects that many editors do not.
He's easy to work with, comical, easy going and still very professional.
Pat pays close attention to detail and deadlines!”

Trip Uhalt
                                                                                     Channel One Film & Video

...I have found Pat to be one of the best director types to come along in
quite a while.  He is interested, competitive, and willing to go a
very long way to achieve the end results needed."

Tom Robey
                                                                                             KHQA-TV (CBS)

...worked with Pat for several years & have known him both professionally & personally for 25 years.
He's a great guy & an asset to any project he's involved with.
Very business oriented & focused on providing the best quality product possible.”

Randy Phillips
                                                                                             KHQA-TV (CBS) a consummate professional. He combines creativity with attention to detail, which is sometimes lacking in an artist.
He never quits until the job is done right.
I would highly recommend Pat for any video production needs that you might have.”

Bruce Anderson
                                                                                           KHQA-TV (CBS)

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